Collective experiment

As queers our bodies are known to be particularly vulnerable: to disease, shame, violence, self-doubt and ostracization.

Indeed abuse, or the experience of abuse – both social and physical – could be considered constitutive of queer subjectivity.

For such subjects, experimentation is not some idle game but can emerge as a necessity – however steeped such experiments may be in risks and danger.

Despite such risks, testing out new ways of feeling the world can come to seem necessary if one wants to survive, if we want to make worlds and lives for ourselves that feel worth living

These experiments work better, their dangers maybe mitigated, when we find ways of conducting them safely and openly. That’s why so many work so hard to build and sustain collective arenas  of care, play, disclosure, support, curiosity, adventure and scandalous pedagogy.



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@pansyguild’s ABUNDANCE down under

On my recent trip to Chicago, I met the wonderful young scholar and performer Ivan Bujan, who introduced me to @openengagement @pansyguild‘s project ABUNDANCE: Ancestral crops as performance, research and healing.

Pansy guild

@pansyguild describes themselves as a group of indigenous and black queers who grow things, based in Chicago, and ABUNDANCE is a seed bomb project spreading the word that queers are abundant, rooted and thriving.

Ivan gave me a seed bomb from the Abundance project and asked me to plant it somewhere significant back home (N.B this involved breaching Australian customs regulations….but for this cause I was quite happy to transgress the law…)

This weekend we had plans to catch up with a bunch friends at St Mark’s Park, which is a beautiful spot just south of Bondi Beach, where our dogs all hung out to do doggy things, play and frolic.

St Mark’s Park is located in the ancestral lands of the Eora people. You can read about the   far-reaching and extraordinary indigenous history of this area here

After white invasion and the British colonisation and settlement of Australia, this secluded park on the precipice of a cliff just south of Bondi Beach became a popular spot for men looking to hook up with other men for sex, fun and whatever else.  It was one of my favourite spots to cruise over the 1990s and early 2000s, and I had quite a few hot times there myself.

I was unaware that over the 1970s, 80s and 90s, dozens of men were assaulted, beaten, and numerous men have been found dead at the bottom of the cliffs below the park.  It has since emerged that these men were the subject of brutal homophobic violence and murders carried out by local youths – murders which were neglected (and in some instances allegedly perpetrated) by officers of the NSW Police force, recent investigations have revealed.

Australia’s Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) produced an excellent and very disturbing documentary on the topic last year, which you can access here to find out more about this horrific and violent history of homophobic violence, official neglect and police corruption.

So, as we headed out to the park this morning,  I thought this would be the perfect spot to SEED BOMB with queer abundance.  I got my friend Brent Mackie to film the occasion.  Check it out lovers! xx

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Unharm Queer Contingent Resources


Click here to access the safer dancing guidelines developed by rave researcher Newcombe, way back when….

rover bum

Click here access our analysis of the G care principles we extracted from our research with the ACON Rovers


My critique of Chemsex discourse: chemsex, a case for gay analysis – where i attempt to reframe the chemsex problem so that it recognises the agency of drug user  (image courtesy of local artist Leon Fernandes ❤ )


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Chance Encounters

GeraldOne of my all-time favourite films about cultural transformation is 24 Hour Party People (2003, dir. Winter bottom), which tracks the shift from punk rock to dance culture in Manchester’s music/cultural scene of the 1980s.
I use the film in my teaching to spark students’ engagement with concepts such as assemblage, eventuation, contingency, and actor-networks.. In one of the film’s most memorable scenes, the ludic narrator (played wonderfully by Steve Coogan) clinches that moment that everything comes together: the music, the dancing, the technology, the drugs, the venue …to generate a distinctively new situation – an event: the birth of rave culture.
The dancetrack that enacts and amplifies this effervescent moment in the film,  set signally in Manchester’s legendary Hacienda Club, is Voodoo Ray,  widely regarded as the first acid house single produced in the UK, produced by legendary DJ A Guy Called Gerald.  You can watch the videoclip to that seminal house track here.
Voodoo ray.jpeg
A couple of weeks ago i was contacted out of the blue by Prem Borle, a drug researcher and ANT scholar from Berlin I had only met through Facebook, who was in Sydney, looking for something queer and festive to do. Friends took him out to some queer performance art one night, and on Sunday he came over to hang out with Stephan, Herc and I. We had a really great day. 💕
On Sunday night Prem lured me across the road to Pavlova Bar at Club 77, where A Guy Called Gerald (who I hadn’t really heard of at the time) was said to be spinning.
What an amazing set! Ivan Ligne-Noire, eminent professor of fine rave, let me know that Gerald had come only with a bunch of self-prepared dubs which he was mixing live on the spot.
At the height of his set, Voodoo Ray started kicking in here and there…among other things that might have been kicking in at that moment…whipping the crowd into a frenzy. Excited, I turned to Ivan to ask him if he knew the the Winterbottom film, and the scene that featured that track.
Ivan just laughed gently and, pointing to the DJ (spinning only an arms length away from us) whispered: ‘yes, that was *him*. Gerald was the guy who played that track, right there in the Hacienda that night that everything came together’
Mind. Blown. 💥🌈
Still reverberating in the afterglow
#Ecstatic #event #queerchemistry #disconerd

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the_princess_and_the_ice_monster_by_mongorap-d5g0owj“The Princess and the Ice Monster”

Image by Hachiimon @ Deviant Art

Read the public discussion of ABCTV’s 4 part series “ICE WARS!!!” here


Or, for a much more edifying, fond and generative depiction of ice use among

Australia’s Most Stigmatised

watch this


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Dangerous weather is expected across Australia over the coming weeks and months.

The synoptic chart reveals a high pressure system stretching right across the nation, which is likely to be exacerbated by the massive cold front now bearing down from the North, which first consolidated over the Russian continent, before spreading east to cause chaos in China, intensifying the currents already chilling much of the South/East Asian region.

Experts agree the collision of these weather systems is likely to produce even more extreme conditions in the region, with a heightened risk of flash floods, droughts,  severe heat,  bushfires, water shortages, white supremacism,  smog, border policing,gendered violence, violent nationalism, cruel seas, pollution and even tornadoes in some parts of the country.


The Turnbull government has kept itself busy reassuring citizens not to be alarmed.   “Keeping calm is the only decent thing to do, if you want to be consistent with Australian values” a number of senior ministers repeated. The LNP Cabinet announced it would be splendid if everyone would quit their carping, isolate themselves from corrupting influences, get on with preserving our way of life, and do whatever it takes to make themselves feel relaxed and comfortable like normal citizens.

Emergency services throughout Oz are remaining on high alert however. “We are simply not prepared for some of the radical weather events anticipated,” one national security adviser revealed. “Tornadoes are a source of particular concern: they have been known to jettison whole families from remote communities dependent on rural subsistence and religious fundamentalism, only to dump them right in the middle of Emerald City without any of the usual extreme vetting procedures ”

“This is no time for complacency or polite diplomacy ” insisted a volunteer aid-worker who has been tracking changes in the Australian atmosphere and global political climate  since Pauline Hanson’s maiden speech to parliament over two decades ago.  “If the Turnbull government thinks this will all be plain-sailing and can’t grasp the fact that we are facing an emergency of global proportions involving the potential for large-scale atrocity, all I can say is, tell him he’s dreaming!”

Meanwhile, satellite pictures have revealed an unusual, disturbing but undeniably breathtaking promontory that appears to be thrusting its way out of Australia’s subcontinental bedrock. The structure has assumed the form of an enormous cock–up  just right of the centre of our nation’s heartland. Experts attribute this remarkable protuberance to the weather conditions prevailing of late in the Canberra region, where hot blustery winds have exacerbated the capital’s suffocating climate, rather than dispelling it, as some had hoped.  These oppressive conditions are expected to endure unless something extraordinary happens, and are set to expand beyond the capital to engulf entire regions well beyond Australia’s territorial waters.

Some are impressed by the sheer magnitude of this unprecedented national swelling, while others evidently find it stifling and repulsive.  But most ordinary Australians are indifferent to what has come to be known affectionately in some circles as Trumble Tower, citing it as another reason to stay indoors, since the very idea of kicking up a fuss,  carrying a placard,  collective organising and principled action is likely to upset the horses and besides, it all just seems like too much effort, eh?

The most alarming thing about Trumble Tower – the edifice at the centre of these climactic developments – is that the dickheads who saw it coming and likely approved of its development tend to be among the first to ignore its magnitude or dismiss its significance. Many are simply refusing to acknowledge its existence, while others regard it as an act of god, a scientific conspiracy, a natural wonder, a false idol, or a divine sign  about moral turpitude. (When uttered by informants, these conflicting explanations tend not to be mutually exclusive). Meanwhile,  Australia’s Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce is blaming China for everything.

In a doorstep statement delivered outside his exclusive Eastern Suburbs Sydney residence, the Prime Minister explained that it is sometimes hard to see past the army of lawn sprinklers on Parliament Hill to work out what is going on in the world, let alone figure out how best to respond to it.  Those sturdy old sprinklers work very hard, day and night, seven days a week, Turnbull reminded us, to make the Seat of National Government look fancy and trim as a high-end Country Club. A worthwhile cause, and nothing to sniff at, he insisted.

Sources close to Turnbull confirm he isn’t at all worried by current developments; certainly they aren’t the sort of thing that is likely to keep him up at night.  If the deal with Trump falls through, he will start working on that old softie Angela Merkel to find somewhere to dump his asylum-seeking desperadoes.

When pressed about the escalating conflict and growing tensions at home, Turnbull kept his calm.  “I have an Anglo passport. Unlike those poor suckers on Manus Island and Nauru, I can travel wherever I want, whenever I want, providing I make a brief stopover in Panama”. Ultimately, Turnbull said he felt relaxed as ever about the state of current affairs in the world.  “I’m feeling quite comfortable, to be honest,” he smiled, “After all, Parliament House has air conditioning”.

JUANITA: {gulps}  “Thanks for that, Malcolm …

……..That’s all we have time for tonight”

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An Index of Collective Action

Queering the Direction of Present Events


I snatched these photos from all over the place ~ collectively I take them to be grabbing back the public domain from the hands of those conspiring to restrict its terms of membership and eradicate dissidence.

The images are presented in the chronological order events unfolded …. more or less … with one or two exceptions…

(what a liberty!)

I pay tribute to all the friends and strangers who participated in the making of these snapshots and their circulation .

Thanks for sharing ~  such awesome creativity.

On the Campaign Trail …





As Inauguration Day draws near…


…and a Queer Dance Party erupts outside the DC Residence of

Mike Pence, Vice-President Elect…




Inauguration Day Arrives


(Michelle isn’t having a bar of it)



Among the first changes instituted….




jewelley2(Did someone say something about draining ‘Elites from the Swamp’?!)

On the first day of Trump’s presidency

 feminists around the world act up…



“I’m with her”


Washington DC:






Washington DC



(flashback: pre-emptive tambouring)



(21 January 2017)



Meanwhile in London…

Fierce Pussy!


Flashes of Pink

(Unknown Location) 


Hear Us Roar:




“What is emerging Down Under??”

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